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Writers of the Realm

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Everlastin' Series: Supernatural/Fantasy Romance Digital $3.99 each

Writers of the Realm

Everlastin' Book 1

In 1843, Lachlan Baird brings his bride to the mansion he'd built just for her and their future children. But the honeymoon is cut short when Lachlan is murdered. He's been haunting Baird House ever since, determined to protect his "treasures" and hoping to find a woman willing to spend eternity with him.

In 1993, Beth Staples is ready to live her own life after caring for her ill mother for eight years. She accepts an invitation to visit a friend residing at Baird House but instead of a delightful vacation with Carlene, she finds herself in the care of an irresistible, seductive and sometimes annoying Scotsman--with a secret.

Dawns Everlastin' Book 2

A fortuitous snow storm and a car wreck bring American Laura Bennett, her three young nephews and Roan Ingliss under the roof of Baird House, where lively ghosts Lachlan Baird and Beth Staples welcome them. However it isn't long before the century-and-a-half old animosity between Lachlan and the Aiken/Ingliss clan casts a pall over the mansion. To make matters worse, a deadly secret is exposed.

Only a love forged in truth and trust can unshackle the dead and the living at Baird House. But Roan and Laura aren't sure their love is strong enough to survive the present, let alone the past.

Writers of the Realm

Writers of the Realm

Writers of the Realm

Love Everlastin' Book 3

Once again, Baird House opens its door to the lost.

Winston Connery, a detective with psychic abilities, has seen too much and has suffered too much to go on. He parks across the road from Baird House one bitter cold winter's night and waits for death to release his tortured soul.  But deep in the shadows of the infamous mansion, Deliah watches and waits. A magical woman of an ancient clan, she understands the depths of Winston's hopelessness and believes her love for him is enough to save them both.

Two willful souls. Two diverse paths. One destiny.

Hope Everlastin' Book 4

Rumors of Lachlan and Beth's reappearance have Baird House once again besieged by reporters. And as if the three couples at the mansion don't have enough to juggle, Roan's belligerent sister arrives uninvited from the States, followed by his and Laura's parents.

But more disconcerting is the return of centuries-old former residents, for the Kingdom of Faerie brings with it  yet another couple in desperate need of the land's magical intervention.

Writers of the Realm

Writers of the Realm

Writers of the Realm

Time Everlastin' Book 5

With the stolen MacLachlan dirk in her possession, Taryn Ingliss journeys to the Isle of Lewis in Scotland in search of answers to the mysteries surrounding Lachlan Baird and her ancestor, Robert Ingliss.

What she uncovers leaves her captive of an ancient creature in a subterranean world beneath the Callanish Standing Stones, along with a barbarian held prisoner for over two centuries—a man she will forsake all to love, including her life, if necessary.

Dreams Everlastin' Book 6

Series: Everlastin' Series (Book 6)

Paperback: 364 pages

Price: $13.95

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 16, 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1494749580

ISBN-13: 978-1494749583

Product Dimensions: 5 x 0.8 x 8 inches

A tragedy of three centuries ago continues to fracture Reith’s efforts to win Blue’s trust. His only hope is to find a way to end the spell preventing him from revealing the truth. Without it, he has no chance of sharing his life with his faery queen wife.

With the passage of time, resisting Reith proves more difficult than Blue imagined. Despite her powers, her love for him chips away at her resolve not to succumb and risk the safety of her kingdom. Her heart. But they are forced to work together when a preternatural fog covers the Baird estate, and an unknown enemy targets Reith, Lachlan and Broc.

Little do Blue and Reith realize the extent of their unified magic.

Their alliance is about to expose all of the mysteries involving Faerie and Baird House.

Writers of the Realm

Writers of the Realm

Katiah Trilogy: Sci-Fi Romance Digital $3.99 each

Writers of the Realm

One Bright Star Book 1

Brehan Tucker's hunger for freedom and identity ignites when she and other women are abducted from Earth by a godlike being, as breeding stock to a dying alien race.  Determined to return to her world, she uses wits and cunning to sabotage her abductor's authority and win the loyalty of his crew.   

But fate has other plans for her.

Erth is the unfortunate incarcerator. A being whose immeasurable power is confined within a humanoid shell, his laws are unchangeable his command unquestionable, his will undeniable. 

But fate has other plans for him as well.

Written In The Stars Book 2

While Brehan Tucker battles inner and extraneous demons alike, Erth is forced to admit there is more to her than temper, fortitude and beauty. She is not only his averse lifemate and the  reluctant mother of his children, she is someone he cannot separate from.

Too late he realizes he has been snagged in a cunning trap. Within Brehan resides Di'me, a spawn conditioned to not only destroy the Earth women and the Syre men he raised from infancy, but himself and the Guardians of Haveth.

Love wielded a shield of denial.

Now it must serve as a sword of justice.

Writers of the Realm

Writers of the Realm

Writers of the Realm

Nova Book 3

For twelve years on Garon, Brehan Tucker has chosen isolation from her people on the chance she will misuse her power. It has become a comfortable way of life. No responsibilities. No expectations. No messy emotions to confuse her. And if she’s patient long enough, perhaps even her persistent, annoying husband, Erth, will renounce his undying love and move on.

Loving Brehan is enough to push any Guardian over the edge, and Erth is close to plunging into an abyss of regret from which there seems no escape. He sees his wife’s isolation as a means for her counterpart, Di’me, to garner more power until she is able to take over the shared body.  Since he can't bring himself to destroy the woman he loves, he creates a series of schemes to confuse their enemies and test the strength of Brehan's human side. It only creates a wider emotional chasm between them.

Understanding that love has brought her nothing but pain and grief in the past, Erth offers up a supreme sacrifice to tear down the walls between them and to win her heart.

Haunting Rose: Historical-Time-Travel Romance Digital $3.99

A morning of leisurely window-shopping at the Lloyd Center Mall in Portland, Oregon, turns into a nightmare/adventure for Rose Martin. In an attempt to escape her ex-husband, who has threatened to kill her, she obtains a seat on a tour bus headed for Medford, Oregon, for the latest grand opening of the Wallace Ranch and its once-famous horse race.

For Rose, it's also a ticket to another time. 

Via a freak gathering of storm clouds, she's struck by lightning and thrust into 1883, where she partially witnesses a murder, hides away in a secret room in a Victorian farmhouse, and is later pursued by the then new owner of the ranch, gambler Eli Tucker, who believes she is an apparition

Hiding from him is not an option for long.

Rose has always known she is fated to walk a tough path through life. Nothing, however, prepared her for a man like Eli Tucker.

Determined to unravel the mysteries piling up around them, they find themselves on a journey of love and danger.

Writers of the Realm

Writers of the Realm

Writers of the Realm

Midnight Sun: Science Fiction/Horror Digital $3.99

Danelle Lansing discovers a new meaning to terror when five extraordinary strangers lure her into a web strung with deception, abduction, covert hominid species, and murder.

After two years of running from a senator lover she witnessed murder a governor's widow, she finds refuge in a cottage belonging to the Bacstair estate on the west coast of Washington State. Within two weeks of her stay, she is robbed and beaten by an unknown assailant, then introduced to the existence of Wolfinga, a shape-shifting werewolf race who were the dominating species occupying Earth until thirty-six thousand years ago. She is indoctrinated into the Packs by a bite on the shoulder, and soon learns she has graduated from a mistress on the lam to a target test subject by yet another race of beings called Terrans, who seek a specific gene only in Wolfinga DNA to override a genetic empathic curse they call Well Link.

Danelle has had enough. The war for survival is on.

YA Fantasy

Children of the Realm Book 1

Digital $3.99
Print  $13.95      5" x 8"     346 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1514336847 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1514336847

The sorceress Queen Magmarinan is destroying the Kingdom of Grenwyn in her search for a fire emerald. Adult villagers have either been enslaved to work the mines or have vanished without a trace.

More disturbing are all the missing children.

Six manage to escape, their ages from eight to seventeen. In the weeks to come, they go from starving to mysteriously gaining individual magical powers. Their first ally is a dragon, who will fight to his death to protect his young wards.

 When word spreads of the children’s abilities, hundreds seek their protection against the queen and her soldiers.

But Queen Magmarinan does not take their threat against her seriously. She is confident their powers cannot stand up against her own. Only one side can win and no one has ever been able to stop her before....

Writers of the Realm

Writers of the Realm

Reddak Locc Series

Epic Fantasy

Series: Reddak Locc Series (Book 1) Of Magic Scorned

Paperback: 404 pages

Price: 14.95

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform: 1 edition (June 15, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 147528389X

ISBN-13: 978-1475283891

Product Dimensions: 5 x 0.9 x 8 inches

A diabolical plot contrived by three sorcerers begins to unravel on the island of Kevlon when CasKae, a Woodland Faer, escapes an orb of light, one of hundreds conjured to enable the sorcerers to feed off Faer magic. CasKae flees to Cambrius with other escapees, where seven Magi are the only hope of saving the entombed kingdoms and stopping the sorcerers.

On the isle of Cambrius, twenty-one-year-old Magus Reddak Locc believes the only challenges in his future are discovering the cause of his father’s death, winning the respect of the other six “ancient” Magi, and capturing errant leader Brodin Highwater, whose twin sister, Britin, he secretly fancies.

Death and destruction cuts a wide swath up through Cambrius. Reddak discovers the other Magi are returning to their respective islands and leaving him alone to face the sorcerers’ armies. For the first time in his life, he is not confident in his magical abilities to face his enemies. Unless he can convince the warring beings of the united isles to join with him, thousands will die or become enslaved, and everything his forefathers have created will be forever lost.