Traditional Publishing or Digital & Print On Demand?

By Mickee Madden

Let me start this off with saying I have nothing against traditional publishers. For the few years I was with Kensington Publishers I considered myself lucky. My editor, Denise Little, was incredible to work with, but I will admit that when she was let go during a corporate cutback, I just didn’t feel like I fit with the company anymore. The new editor assigned to me demanded I write what I knew I could not. I have never been a purely contemporary romance writer and I doubt at my age that will ever change. I admit I like to venture beyond the romance formula, and I’m not the only one.

I also love to write horror, science fiction, and especially fantasy, which in some respects, all my published titles have elements of these genres. I have always been adamantly opposed to locks on genres. There is nothing more frustrating in my world than trying to “formulate” a story that has its own ideas of how it should play out.

So why did I choose to go digital and with CreateSpace for my print books?


Three reasons:

Writers of the Realm

1) I’m too old to play the waiting game anymore. I’m in my sixties and I just want to write. Agents take months and months to get back to you. But they’re not nearly as bad as some publishers. I submitted an emailed fantasy to a certain publisher (yes, I abided by their submission requests) and twenty-two months later I received an email that read: “We can only accept 3% of submissions.” Huh? That’s it? Hmmmmm..... So I went with an agent who liked the book but needed to get her boss’ approval of it. A year later I told the agent I was going digital and that was it.

Writers of the Realm

2) I love the FREEDOM to create a story without fretting over word count, mixing of genres, and deadlines—except those I set for myself. I also love to design my own covers, and create titles that an editor can’t alter.

Writers of the Realm

3) I cherish the fact that if someone tells me they found an error in one of my books, I simply fix it and reload it digitally and on CreateSpace.

There are two down sides to self-publishing for many new authors but both are conquerable if the writer is serious about the craft.

First, understand that you ARE writing for an audience. Jump the gun and upload something that is poorly written and the plot disjointed, and many readers will not purchase a title from you again. I’m certainly guilty of not catching all my typos but I earned the loyalty of my fans by giving each story I create my all. Check out the SUBMISSION page if you would like my son or me to review some of your work.

Second is PROMOTING yourself. Ironically, I haven’t done much in that area YET. I’m going to release Special Editions of my out of print books THEN promote in every way possible. Our Honorary RealFolk page is our way to help other self-publishers connect and get their names out there.

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